Vertigo - Aerial Silk Show - aerial act of acrobats in a synchronous choreography
- Aerial Silk Show -
The aerial acts of Vertigo are suited for spacious places and require the height of at least 5 metres. Aerial acrobatics add a third dimension to the whole performance while bringing the attention of audience of high above their heads. Only a securing point for acrobats are fluttering silk tissues. Fascinating act brings tension of breathtaking falls into silk ribbons as well as gently choreographed figures.

We cover the rigger part of the show except in special cases and it is already included in the overall price of the performance. For the aerial acts, a suspension point is necessary – it can be either a part of the building construction or a part of the stage truss construction. We are willing to give any type of consultation in this matter or, if it is possible, an actual check of the technical facilities of the place where the performance will be carried out.

All and every performance is tailored right to your requirements and to the character of the event.

Show variants:

Performance of 2 to 5 acrobats on silk bands - this act is more suitable for spacious places, and creating unique and extraordinary compositions.

Solo performance of an acrobat on aerial silk - this performance is suitable even for lower and smaller areas helping to create a magnificent atmosphere.

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