Vertigo - Fire&Pyro Show - Dance-acrobatic act with fire
- Fire & Pyro Show -
Vertigo Fire & Pyro Show offers a unique combination of acrobatics, dance and art of dance with fire, thus creating poetic yet dynamic and energetic atmosphere. Fiery dance with flaming spheres, sparking circles, dynamic burning sticks and ropes - emotional flood of color sparks.

Vertigo Pyro & Fire offers a comprehensive show of acrobats and dancers with fire and pyro effects. Performances with sophisticated choreography and atmospheric music performed by attractive dancers with professional technical background can be gentle and poetic, but also hype, dynamic and energetic. Choose from our wide range of performances, starting from the pair, which is suitable for smaller spaces, to a large group choreography with up to ten performers who immediatly create powerfull moments, filled with massive fires and colorful sparks. It all depends on the concept of your event .

For special occasions, we offer the possibility of a combination of aerial and fire performance - fire dancer suddenly flies up from the stage bringing third dimension to the show.

This act is suitable for both exteriors and interiors. We guarantee highest security standards which has been proved by a number of successful performances around the world.

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